The season finale is a riveting culmination of Liv’s bid for freedom from Will’s oppressive hold. Liv faces the detectives, admitting to killing Garth in self-defense. After questioning, she’s released. Back at home, Liv confronts Will, demanding a divorce. She seeks solace with Ash, culminating in a passionate encounter. Will’s refusal to let her go leads to a threatening ultimatum: divorce and face legal consequences or stay with him. Liv’s rebellion intensifies. She orchestrates a farewell party for Will, delivering a cutting toast. Confronting Marissa, the woman he cheated with, she seeks to humiliate him further. Yet, Will remains unfazed.

As they prepare to leave for London, detectives intercept them at the airport. Liv’s secret release of the incriminating sex tape leads to Will’s conviction, resulting in a 25-year prison sentence. Three months later, Liv has made a new life in the United States.

A call from prison prompts a meeting with Will, revealing his knowledge of Cara’s murder. He offers to stay imprisoned if Liv waits for his release, but Liv toys with his emotions, feigning a potential pregnancy. The episode culminates in Liv’s revelation of a novel titled “Wilderness,” an autobiographical work exposing the harsh truths she’s learned. Returning to the waterfall, she encounters a concerned man, delivering a powerful closing moment.

Episode 6 of ‘Wilderness’ marks a significant turning point, showcasing Liv’s strategic maneuvering to break free from Will’s clutches. Liv’s calculated actions and the narrative’s dark twists add depth to the storyline, elevating the episode above its predecessors. However, the portrayal of male characters as inherently flawed, juxtaposed with morally ambiguous female characters, creates an imbalanced dynamic.

Both Will and the women he’s involved with bear responsibility, yet the show predominantly favors the latter. The episode maintains a compelling pace, yet character development remains lacking. The performances, while adequate, fall short of delivering truly nuanced portrayals. Liv’s journey towards empowerment and self-liberation takes center stage, providing a satisfying conclusion to this chapter.

‘Wilderness’ explores the dark underbelly of a seemingly perfect marriage, tainted by infidelity and revenge. Despite its stunning visuals and occasional flashes of dark comedy, the show falters in character development and narrative coherence. Jenna Coleman’s performance shines through, but her character’s malevolent edge falls short. Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Eric Balfour, and Ashley Benson deliver satisfactory portrayals, yet fail to evoke strong emotions from the audience.

The series attempts a diabolical tone and suspenseful elements but stumbles in execution, often leading to predictable reveals. The overlapping timelines, while intriguing, could benefit from a more consistent narrative arc. Ultimately, ‘Wilderness’ offers a standard portrayal of adultery and vengeance, lacking originality and failing to leave a lasting impact. While not a total misfire, it falls short of being a standout mystery thriller. I’d rate ‘Wilderness’ 2.5 on 5 at best.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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