In episode 4 of ‘Wilderness’, the aftermath of Cara’s death casts a shadow over Liv and Will’s relationship. Liv confronts Will about his affair, concluding that Cara loved him while he never truly reciprocated. Heartbroken, Liv leaves Will behind at the bar, tears streaming down her face. Haunted by guilt, Liv begins seeing visions of Cara everywhere. She turns to alcohol in a desperate attempt to numb her pain.

Seeking solace, she confides in a priest, who helps her rationalize the incident as an unintended tragedy. The next day, Liv’s passive-aggressive demeanor towards Will continues. Will invites her to an office event hosted by Bonnie to toast Cara’s memory. Liv struggles to contain her emotions.

At the event, tensions rise when Will learns that the police are investigating Cara’s death as a murder. Alarmed, he informs Liv and they hastily leave. Back home, the couple embarks on a mission to erase any traces of Will’s involvement with Cara. Will admits to giving Cara a spare key to their house, potentially linking him to her. Liv retrieves the key from Cara’s belongings. Their troubles, however, are far from over.

Detectives Rawlins and Wiseman question them, and the couple’s identical recollections raise suspicion. The detectives uncover footage of Liv at Cara’s gym, contradicting her previous statement about not knowing Cara prior to the trip. In a shocking turn, Garth is arrested for Cara’s murder. Meanwhile, Caryl arrives at Liv’s door, signaling a potential new development in the unfolding drama.

The fallout from Cara’s death takes center stage as Liv and Will scramble to cover their tracks. The episode attempts to amp up the tension, but unfortunately, it falls flat. The narrative lacks the depth and intrigue needed to truly captivate. The characters, particularly Will, remain disappointingly one-dimensional. His motivations for infidelity come across as poorly justified, contributing to the overall weak character development.

While the episode explores Liv’s struggle with guilt and the lengths she goes to in order to erase evidence, it fails to deliver the chilling suspense it aims for. The plot feels stagnant, with little progression or surprising twists. The investigation takes a surprising turn with Garth’s arrest, injecting some much-needed energy into the storyline. However, it’s not enough to salvage the episode from its overall mediocrity.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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