In episode 3 of ‘Wilderness’, a shocking revelation unravels. Liv awakens to the grim realization that she believes she’s killed Will. In a frantic attempt to cover her tracks, she meticulously erases any signs of her involvement. But to her astonishment, Will appears unharmed. Will apologizes for his actions the previous night, blaming it on drunkenness. Liv, still in disbelief, questions her own sanity. They discover that Cara has disappeared after leaving the hotel.

Liv pieces together a crucial detail – the red sweater worn by Cara. She comes to a chilling conclusion: she pushed Cara over the waterfall, not Will. A search party scours the area, and Liv cleverly retrieves a chain belonging to Cara, concealing the evidence. Hours later, the search party finds Cara, gravely injured. She’s rushed to the hospital, where she briefly regains consciousness before passing away.

The police begin their investigation. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, Liv confides in her mother, unaware of the truth. Caryl offers heartfelt advice, urging Liv to face reality. Soon after, Will confesses his affair with Cara. He pleads for Liv to provide him an alibi when questioned by the police.

The third episode unearths the truth behind the cliffhanger, revealing Liv’s unintended victim. The series continues its attempt at mystery, but sadly, the plot’s predictability hampers the suspense it aims to build. The characters, particularly Will, remain disappointingly one-dimensional. Will’s portrayal as a cheating spouse lacks depth or redeeming qualities. Liv’s contrasting reactions towards Cara and Will further highlight the uneven character motivations. Both are equally culpable, yet the show’s treatment of them feels lopsided. The unraveling of Liv’s carefully constructed facade brings a sense of foreboding. Jenna Coleman’s portrayal of Liv’s turmoil is a standout, carrying the emotional weight of the episode. However, the series could benefit from delving deeper into the complexities of its characters.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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