Liv’s plan for revenge takes center stage. As they embark on a trek, Cara, the other woman involved with Will, makes an appearance with her boyfriend, Garth. Will introduces Cara as a colleague, but Liv knows the truth. A two-week rewind reveals Liv’s extensive knowledge of Cara’s life, as she meticulously stalks her every move. Liv’s passive-aggressiveness towards Will is palpable, heightening the tension. During the trek, complications arise.

Will injures his foot and later forgets the keys in the car, resulting in its theft. Cara and Garth come to the rescue, leading them to the same hotel. Liv’s confrontation with Cara leads to a tense apology and another heated argument with Will.

The night takes a dark turn as Liv’s excessive drinking leads to her passing out. Meanwhile, Will crosses paths with Cara. In the closing minutes, Liv awakens, discovers incriminating messages on Will’s phone, and rushes towards a waterfall. What follows is a shocking turn of events. Hold on to your seats, because ‘Wilderness’ is diving deeper into the dark waters of betrayal and revenge. The episode introduces us to Cara, the other woman in Will’s life, and her partner, Garth. The tension is palpable as Liv’s plan to get even takes shape.

While the show attempts a sinister tone, it falls short of Rosamund Pike’s iconic turn in ‘Gone Girl’. The performances, while not terrible, don’t quite hit the mark either. A stronger cast could have elevated the production. The episode’s strength lies in its meticulous plotting, showcasing Liv’s calculated stalking of Cara. This adds an extra layer of suspense and showcases Liv’s determination. However, the storyline still lacks the finesse needed to truly captivate. The trek serves as a pressure cooker for the characters, with complications and confrontations escalating. Liv’s passive-aggressiveness towards Will keeps us on edge, mirroring her internal turmoil. The final moments deliver a jaw-dropping twist that leaves us hungry for more. Let’s hope the series capitalizes on this momentum for even more gripping episodes ahead!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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