As the show opens, Luka, the second in command of The General, looks over a pile of dead bodies inside Matoska. One of the soldiers questions the legitimacy of these killings. The General called them heroes, but Luka says they were traitors, but why? A young soldier tells Luka that he won’t forget about it when he’s told he can. Luka steps up to him, looks into his eyes, and says he’ll do it. In the first episode, we saw Luka as an older man. Is he liable for Popov’s assassination?

Luka places one of each person’s personal items in a wooden box as he travels around the room. In his message to the families, he tells them something terrible has happened. There are tears, accusations, and one woman doesn’t react after losing her husband. His curiosity is piqued, so he comes in and finds the scientist hiding in the bedroom with their two kids ans sighs with a smile.

Jack Ryan is on the run in Greece and on the lookout for the blonde hitman who killed Yuri. Ryan gets shot by a couple of bullets while tracking him down ,yet somehow he manages to escape and sends the picture. On the other hand Greer being a true friend looks after Jack and also helps Jack with money.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Episode 2 is full of twisting plots and true colors of friendship!
Towards the end of the episode, Popov is shown to be lost in deep thought while rubbing out a cigarette. The source who is feeding Jack information is someone he doesn’t know, but he will drag him into the light with him. Who could it be? Maybe some from the year 1969? We have a shocking revelation!

In a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal, Kovac and Radek have dinner with each other and enjoy a good time. In an adorably adorable gesture, Radek’s daughter takes the throne at the head of the table at Kovac’s insistence. In front of his boss, he shares his confidence that she will also be targeted by Clancy. It is the moment when Radek’s wife sits down at the table.

This is a hidden message that will unfold in the coming episodes!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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