When a group tries to rob a bank, they learn that a robbery is already underway and is being overseen by a person who appears to be insane.
The action scenes in Supreme Sundar test the boundaries of believability considerably, particularly the numerous gunshots. What is this strange man trying to accomplish?


What strikes you first about Thunivu is its tempo. The action moves at such a blazing pace that it periodically makes us question whether editor Vijay Velukutty is speeding it up by 1.5 times. Just with Ghibran’s persistent background music, this takes some getting familiar with. Both his songs and the background music fit the movie’s theme well. The production design is also cheap for a big-budget film.

Vinoth keeps cramming the screenplay with all the data he must have discovered while composing the movie. He informs us on a wide range of topics, including how financial frauds are carried out and what happens to the money that people deposit in banks.

To better understand the characters and the problem, there are times when we wish the director would slow down. Not just the bankers are the bad guys in this story; so are the police, the media, and the politicians. But the fast pace prevents us from understanding how one feeds off the other.

Thunivu is structured like a crime movie. It’s very entertaining, and Ajith deserves a lot of credit for endowing his anti-hero character with such appeal in the film. The film, however, is more than just a heist film because it also features a subplot that offers social commentary on a current issue. Additionally, it brings up important issues regarding the neglect of the general population. Fortunately, the message it attempts to deliver doesn’t become overly preachy.

Thunivu maintains faithful to its heist action genre, save from the detour it makes in the second half to make its point. It contains some cool, marginally over-the-top action sequences that mostly succeed. However, Ajith’s character is what makes this one of his funniest performances since Mankatha.

H Vinoth has been able to add something new to each partnership concerning Ajith’s performance. In Thunivu, he casts Ajith without hesitation as a mastermind criminal devoid of morals. Manju Warrier is given a role as well, which she adores. Both Samuthirakani and the other performers continue to be largely useful. The film’s issues are mostly due to the antagonist actors’ performances. None of them seems to pose even the slightest danger to Ajith’s integrity.

Rating – Three out of five stars.

On January 11, 2023, Thunivu was presented in theaters. Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, and John Kokken play key parts in it. Vinoth wrote the script, and directed the movie, while Boney Kapoor oversaw its production. To officially stream the movie on their platform, Netflix obtained the OTT rights.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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