The third episode of season three of “The Witcher” has left our jaws hanging down the floor.
We saw in the second episode that, bullied and neglected, a shocking discovery awaits Geralt after he obtains information on Rience. Ciri’s sense of justice causes problems. Jaskier performs for a royal fan. The third episode opens by showing us Geralt seeking magical help from a family friend as Ciri and Yennefer clash over plans for the future. Philippa and Dijkstra scheme to get Vizimir in line.

While a lot is going on, volume one of the new season is about one thing: revealing who the new, big bad villain is. Getting there involves all kinds of typical witchery things: lots of fights with terrifying monsters, including one particularly grotesque creature that wouldn’t be out of place in Akira or Inside, fancy parties full of sexual tension, some truly messed up betrayals, and Geralt being a smartass much to the frustration of the elite. But a lot of the fun comes from checking out just who is the secret villain pulling a lot of the strings behind the scenes.

The first batch of episodes ends with a party, which you see from various perspectives, forcing you, along with Geralt and Yenn, to sift through the lies and misdirections.

This season is also a return of the form of sorts, bringing “The Witcher” back to the things that make it unique, it’s funny, it’s bloody, and it’s sexy.

We know that season 3, which is being split into two volumes and will mark the end of Cavill’s run as Geralt though the show will continue with Liam Hemsworth in the lead role.

The first volume doesn’t exactly get away from the epic story the show is trying to tell. There are still warring factions and magical forces and questions about the nature of the world itself, but it returns most of the focus where it belongs.

Its focus is mainly on the main cast of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer. More importantly, the show is fun again, where the big narrative beats don’t get in the way of all the blood and jokes.

We like it so far and hope it does the same for you too. Season three is coming as strong as the previous two seasons.We are more excited to see what the next episodes of “The Witcher” will be like and what we can expect to see.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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