In this episode, we venture into unexpected territory, hinting at a potential cult-like group surrounding Hazel. The mysterious dynamics among the women at the “Hair Party” add a layer of intrigue and unease, leaving both Nella and Malaika on edge. Nella’s apprehension towards the newfound sisterhood is palpable, as she grapples with the unsettling atmosphere at the party.

The tension escalates when she discovers a collection of before and after photos, deepening the mystery surrounding Hazel and her group. The revelation raises crucial questions about the true nature of Hazel’s intentions.

Malaika’s concerns about the group’s behavior are validated when Hazel and her friends display an unnerving dedication to their community. The uneasy exchange in the bathroom further underscores the sense of foreboding. As Nella and Malaika hastily leave the party, the audience is left with a sense of impending danger. Owen’s swift response to Malaika’s distress call adds a layer of urgency to the situation.

His presence serves as a crucial reminder of the support system surrounding Nella and Malaika, especially in moments of uncertainty. The episode introduces a new character, Shani, whose arrival at the party raises even more questions about the enigmatic group. Her presence adds another layer of complexity to the narrative, leaving viewers eager to unravel the truth behind Hazel’s intentions.

While the introduction of the potential cult adds a new dimension to the storyline, the episode’s pacing feels slightly disjointed. The rapid succession of events, from the party to Nella’s discovery, leaves little room for the audience to process the implications fully. The cliffhanger ending with Shani’s arrival intensifies the sense of suspense, promising further revelations in the upcoming episodes.

Overall, Episode 7 delivers a chilling and unexpected twist, pushing the boundaries of the narrative. The introduction of the potential cult raises the stakes, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the resolution. As the series approaches its climax, the intricate web of secrets and lies continues to unravel, promising a riveting conclusion.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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