This episode features the comeback of another fan favorite as Team Flash gets to work trying to thwart Red Death’s intentions. The identity of the Red Death was shown to be another Earth in the most recent episode. Ryan Wilder, a.k.a. Batwoman, was imprisoned on the prime Earth and required Barry to build wormholes by running across the cosmic treadmill to return to her World. Red Death successfully intimidates Barry by putting Iris’ life in danger. She nearly succeeds in keeping her part of the agreement when Mark Blaine changes his mind and causes the cosmic treadmill to disintegrate.

We observe crimson lightning pelting Central City’s skyline at the start of the episode. Red Death and her gang rapidly seize control of the Central City Police Department, and despite Officer Kramer’s attempts to employ her meta-mimicry abilities, Red Death easily subdues her. She gives her Rogues instructions to put some equipment on the building’s roof, apparently connected to abusing the advanced satellites that Team Flash gave to the CCPD. Officer Kramer is promised a glimpse of real justice in Red Death.

The principles Joe taught Barry played a significant role in shaping Barry’s life and profession and following the appearance of metahuman abilities. Joe was a crucial part of Barry’s life, from his upbringing to assisting him in his quest for his parents’ justice; no amount of gratitude can adequately express how important he was. Although it was nice to see the figure have a fitting send-off, longtime viewers will wish that Wally might have been included in this moving departure. The complicated, intelligent gorilla Grodd, who has changed considerably from his days as a villain and is attempting to do good as a hero, also appeared in the episode. I sincerely hope that this won’t be his final appearance for this season.

This season will mark Javicia Leslie’s last time donning the bat-moniker; Ryan Wilder, the prime earth Batwoman, makes an appearance in a bat suit. Chester makes a playful homage to this by citing Red Death’s concept of using high energy to guarantee the security of the earth, which is similar to Batman’s idea and allows for the construction of Brother Eye.

Red had been imprisoned at Iron Heights by the episode’s conclusion, but most Flash Rogues have successfully escaped from that facility; thus, there is a possibility that Flash will encounter Red in the upcoming season as well. Being a character strongly linked with the Dark Multiverse in comics, Red Death must be seen along with other characters. As we previously theorized, Red Death may also hold the key to the forthcoming encounter between the Flash Family and bad speedsters from the past. To know what’s next, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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