Regular CW Fans of the Flash may think back to the first two seasons of the show when the use of dramatic, analytical, and moral ambiguity aspects was properly utilized, and the superheroic routine achieved its zenith. The fourth episode of the current season of “The Flash” revived that vintage charm by developing an engaging character-driven story. As this was going on, we saw that the mysterious new speedster Red Death was enlisting the help of a number of the evil rogues from Team Flash, including Captain Boomerang, Murmur, Fiddler, and subsequently Mark Blaine, or Chillblaine, who had previously decided to abandon Team Flash.

Similarly, Flash assembled his squad of repentant criminals, including Pied Piper (Hartley Rathaway), Goldface, and Hotness. Ryan Wilder, the current Batwoman, was identified as Red Death after the previous episode. Her motivations remained a mystery, which became the episode’s main focus. She wanted to develop the cosmic treadmill, the ideal tool for speedsters undertaking multiversal journeys by shattering the location and time barrier.

Allegra made a mistake by telling Chester about her thoughts, and it will undoubtedly take the team some time to heal after Mark’s apparent demise. Talking of Mark, it was good to witness Flash’s greatest superpower, his capacity to attempt to bring out the best in everyone, even the worst in action. Mark demanded that Team Flash send Killer Frost back in time, but they ultimately declined. It makes sense why he began to dislike the group and realized that supporting Red Death would be the only way to get Frost back. Dealing with the Red Death would always be very expensive, as was when Mark had to give his life and save Barry.

Because of their chemistry, Cecile and Joe’s times together stand out in particular. Joe doesn’t want to repeat the same error with Cecile after witnessing many of his loved ones struggle under the weight of a heroic profession, and his anxiety is quite justified. But, Cecile demonstrates her capacity to protect her family and many others, and the extremely moving event changes Joe’s perception of her.

Red Death does seem to fit well with a reflection of how the Caped Crusader’s anxiety may lead to a stupid mistake when driven to its extremes, unlike other fans who believed trying to shoehorn the villain into CW Flash would decrease its value. Ryan has been struck by the energy released from the cosmic treadmill, which would have been the culmination of Flash’s speed, and this might increase Ryan’s already boosted speed.

Ryan promises to lead the war from his front after Flash swiftly bars any path for her to leave the prime time frame. The Rogue Wars will make this season much more exciting because there are two sets of rogue factions operating in the city. To know what’s next, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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