As several former Flash Rogues made their comeback this week and the name of the new mystery speedster is unveiled at the end of the third episode of the last season of the CW’s “The Flash,” major growth for the show’s future is set in motion. The death of Caitlin Snow’s personality in “The Flash” Season 9’s previous episode gave rise to another latent personality named Snow, nicknamed Khione, who appears to have a fondness for the outdoors.

Mark Blaine, Caitlin’s partner, keeps asking Team Flash to turn Khione into Killer Frost, but ultimately they refuse, which sends Blaine off track and furious. The reintroduction of Hartley Rathaway, a former outlaw, brilliant scientist, and founding member of the Flash (since season one), suggests that he will play a significant part in this season as he contends with a new iteration of the supervillain Fiddler.

Team Flash is more concerned about the threat posed by the new speedster as it is revealed that several new iterations of the Rogues, including Captain Boomerang and Fiddler, are collaborating with him or her to acquire sophisticated machinery.

Barry’s choice to provide the former Rogues, who were once criminals, a chance at redemption by playing a hero contributes to the character’s cheerful, upbeat outlook and presents a compelling case for the progressive rehab of the metahumans as well as of prisoners in general. Barry has made the decision to work with former Rogues before, but this is unquestionably the very first time he has respected them enough to expose his true identity.

Since Frost was the only one who had ever loved and cared about the hot-rod villain, she gave her life in the previous season, and Team Flash’s decision to leave her dead—then as now—justified Mark’s enmity with them. Barry should know that, after all, his own worries about individuals close to him had caused him to make decisions that had disastrous outcomes. Red Death, unfortunately, doesn’t care about Mark’s devotion or intentions.

Also, Barry being betrayed by those close to him has long been a cliche, so fans shouldn’t be shocked by Mark’s treachery given how irrational and determined he was in the final episode of “The Flash” Season 9. Ironically, later this year, Bats and the Flash will also be teamed up in the film “The Flash,” rather than appearing together in such brutal ways.

After the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event, Ezra Miller’s DCEU Flash’s cameo with Grant Gustin’s series version of Flash alluded at the multiversal link, so I’m highly enthusiastic about seeing a link teased between both the series as well as the movie in some way or another. To know what’s next, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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