“Team Flash ” is showcased in all its brilliance at the start of the ninth season. The flawless coordination of Flash and his squad stops the villainous Tar Pit in his tracks. It quickly becomes clear that it was a component of a recent pattern of recurring nightmares Barry has been having, in which he gets visions of the murders of his family members.

The team members insult Barry in the nightmare, stating he tried to save them, as they pass away with a crimson lightning bolt sparked in their eyes. Barry awakens from his nightmare almost out of breath.

Barry and Iris, a blissfully married couple, awaken later that morning. It is clear from their talk that a week has elapsed since the events of the season eight finale involving Thawne. Iris receives a vague message from Barry as he rushes away, telling her that she will need to say yes towards something during her shift at work.

Iris is promptly brought up to full speed in her media office by Allegra, who briefs her on the latest information regarding media tycoon Cat Grant’s willingness to acquire CCCMedia. In line with Barry’s prior request, Allegra begs her to accept the offer, claiming that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Iris sees herself out and declines to respond. Barry at CCPD almost understands Captain Kramer’s desire to appoint him as head of the CSI division. Barry hurries to an active crime scene after reassuring Kramer that he’s able to manage the dual role as a superhero and the added duties as the director.

After mentioning Kord Industries multiple times throughout the Arrowverse, we wished that Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle could have made a debut this past season. In the final scene, Boomerang could be the speedy Red Death’s sidekick, a hellspawn.

The red bat sign alone is sufficient to identify the character, even though the character’s name has not yet been spoken in the episode. Barry’s nightmares were caused by its creation. The comic book character, who is a hybrid of Batman and the Flash from another Earth, just just made an appearance in “Dark Knights Metal.” As they use the character, “The Flash” will draw inspiration from the original as well.

Eric Wallace, the show’s creator, claims that Javicia Leslie, the primary actress in Batwoman, has been asked to play the role. We think Red Death will add something fresh to the mix after a plethora of speedster villains previously hell-bent on eliminating the Flash family, such as Thawne, Zoom, Godspeed, etc. To know what’s next stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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