Two characters with entirely different personalities—Tara and Bilal—are central to the story. The movie focuses on what occurs when two people who are very different from one another cross paths.

There are several supporting characters in the film, each with a backstory. Ritz and Jiggy, the movie’s supporting cast members, inject humor into the right circumstances and make it entertaining.

The four ladies in Bilal’s life and these characters are given equal weight in the narrative with the main protagonists. The movie also has lovely music, which gives the scenes the perfect mood.


The film tells a straightforward tale that will obtain a range of emotions from the audience. John Abraham and Bhushan Kumar, the film’s producers, aimed to maximize entertainment value.

An Indian man named Karan marries Tara, a young woman from Delhi. She and her husband go to London, where she discovers some painful realities about him. After some difficult days on the streets of London, she finds herself in excellent hands when she meets a man named Bilal, who is coping with a different set of issues. The two decide to stage a marriage after experiencing life’s ups and downs, but destiny has other ideas.

Bilal’s perspective on life and marriage has changed due to seeing his mother and aunts’ disastrous unions. Tara strives to move on from her tragedies and make a life in London, while Bilal is under constant pressure from his family to settle down and get married. The film demonstrates how they conquer their inner demons despite the two characters’ divergent worldviews.

The movie’s first half allows viewers adequate time to get to know the characters and their backstories due to the film’s leisurely pace. The main themes of the movie’s second half are each character’s journey through life’s challenges and attempts to move past whatever left them damaged.

Rating: Three stars out of five stars.

While the movie could appear romantic, it has more comedy than romance. The movie’s cast is remarkable since each actor has captured the essence of their role.

Despite the inevitable finale, the film’s core plot and supporting subplots keep it attractive and exciting to watch. Harshvardhan Rane has successfully portrayed the most fantastic way conceivable in his role. He gave us an outstanding performance and was able to show the trauma that his character went through. Bringing her character to life was Sonia Rathee, a newcomer to the film industry.

Everyone who appreciates watching Bollywood movies can see the film just once. Samar Iqbal is the film’s director. Bhushan Kumar and John Abraham are the producers. Sonia Rathee and Harshvardhan Rane play critical roles in it. Netflix began streaming the movie on December 23, 2022.

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