After experiencing some challenges at work, Ally (Alison Brie) returns to her hometown, where she unintentionally bumps into Sean (Jay Ellis), a former lover turned friend. The fact that they spend time visiting areas they once visited shows that they still have a connection, which causes Ally to second-guess her life decisions.

The 107-minute drama’s peculiarity is that it has a little more melancholy. It does, however, possess sufficient charm and wit to keep things cheerful.


It is the most recent project that Alison Brie and her husband, Dave Franco, have worked on together. They wrote the script together, and Franco is in charge of directing. The romantic comedy ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ is a tamer version of Julia Roberts’s classic.

A workaholic TV producer named Ally is the story’s center; she returns to her hometown once her programme has concluded production. Sean, her first and former love, whom she had left behind when she left her hometown to pursue a career, unexpectedly appeared. The two are still sparking, and Ally starts to wonder if her current priorities are in order and what she has done in the past.

Ally discovers that Sean is getting married to Cassidy, whose self-assurance and determination to pursue her passions—her music band and traveling the world—remind her of the person she was in her twenties. It complicates and confounds matters even further for Ally. Would Ally now turn into a desperate woman trying to sabotage a wedding to win Sean’s affection? What lengths will she go to if she does?

This comedy-focused movie needs to be more compelling to stand out or take home the prize for the most original rom-com. However, the film has some beautiful moments, including Ally and Cassi’s friendship and self-discovery of their life goals. Above all, the peculiar circumstances that Ally constantly encounters will keep you interested throughout her adventure. The overall story is barely above average, with a predictable first half, an unexpectedly diverse middle, and a resolution marginally superior to how it all began.

Rating – Three out of five stars.

Three stars for the performances in “Someone I Used To Know” are also character-driven and mainly reliant on Alison Brie and Jay Ellis to carry the film to its conclusion. These are the explanations for the movie’s rating. They maintain the reality and relatability of this rom-com while adding much-needed enthusiasm. Nonetheless, Kiersey Clemons typically follows along.

Dave Franco is the film’s director. Producers include Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey, Isaac Klausner, and others. Alison Brie, Jay Ellis, Kiersey Clemons, and Haley Joel Osment are starring in it. You may view the movie now because it made its Amazon Prime Video debut on February 10.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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