A day before their wedding on a large private island in the Philippines, Darcy and Tom both begin to second-guess their decision. The situation worsens when pirates invade their ceremony and kidnap their family members and friends as hostages. Darcy and Tom go out to save their wedding and relationship out of a desperate attempt to save their loved ones.


Shotgun Wedding is a ridiculous comedy with some hilarious moments, but overall, it’s merely okay. The film has several wedding gags that occasionally make you laugh and wonder. The one-liners make you smile, but many strange scenarios leave you wondering exactly what is going on.

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Coolidge deliver believable performances that lift the film above its average material. You may wonder why the participating studio endorsed this film with such drab writing. The story stays uninteresting despite efforts to keep people interested in what is happening in the world.

Darcy and Tom’s family and friends have traveled to their destination wedding on a remote island in the Philippines. Everyone present is an oddball group of individuals with unique traits. During their public PDA in front of Darcy’s ex-wife, Darcy’s billionaire father and her lover are also present.

Like Tom’s parents, who cohabitate, each has their own set of rules. As Tom and Darcy prepare to break up over Sean, Darcy’s ex-boyfriend, who has been invited to the wedding by Darcy’s father, sea pirates take over the place and imprison the guests. To ensure everyone’s safety, Tom and Darcy now have a responsibility.

This lifeless action comedy gets its moments from Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Coolidge’s brilliant comedic performances, the latter of who steals the show in the picture. Jennifer Lopez portrays a stressed-out Darcy realistically, giving the film a true appeal. Her outrageous behavior, which she engages in without concern for the repercussions, will draw fans. The charm is enhanced by Josh Duhamel’s performance as a baseball player who is having trouble.

However, the film’s supporting cast distinguishes it from other offerings. You’ll laugh out at Jennifer Coolidge’s one-liners as Tom’s mother because she is so amusing. Darcy’s mother, Sonia Brags, and Cheech Marin, who plays the Spanish father, are both endearing actors.

‘Shotgun Wedding’ might have been an exciting event if the script’s details had received more attention. The sea pirates aren’t particularly threatening, look like cartoon characters, and can’t make a big difference in what happens. The performances of the supporting cast somehow save the picture. With Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Lopez listed as executive producers, there were high expectations for the movie.

Rating – Two out of five stars.

Jason Moore is the director of the movie. The producers are Todd Lieberman, Benny Medina, David Hoberman, and Jennifer Lopez. Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Coolidge, Sônia Braga, Josh Duhamel, and more are the actors in the film. On January 27, 2023, Amazon Studios made the movie available on Prime Video.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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