The second season opens with Nayak’s origin story and how he evolved into a cunning drug lord. From where the first season left off, the tale continues. For her safety, Bhumi strikes a pact with Nayak, and she soon begins living two lives. Bhumi continues to serve as an undercover agent while also being lured to Nayak’s shadowy world and aspiring to be as strong as him. For the first few episodes, it’s unclear whether Bhumi is genuinely loyal, which is the plot’s most intriguing element. In the beginning, sometimes, she supported the police by giving them proof and evidence to catch the most wanted criminal, Nayak. On the other hand, she has an emotional, mental and physical connection with Nayak, which seems that she was at Nayak’s side.

It becomes evident that Bhumi is no longer a shy police officer as the show goes on. She develops into a self-assured, badass lady as she experiments with her sexuality without remorse or inhibitions. She manages to deceive her superiors in the police department while running a narcotics network in Mumbai for Nayak. She even confronts her ex-husband about calling her a man and failing to fulfil him during their marriage. When her sister dies from a heroin overdose, Bhumi regrets her choices. She returns to ACP Jason Fernandez, her supervisor, and decides to assist him in locating Nayak.
Bhumi has earned Jason Fernandez’s mistrust, but no one else has seen Nayak and is as near as she is.

The overall storyline is good as it gives a critical message for women that they don’t have to be scared of anyone as they are independent and are owners of their own lives, which is an excellent lesson for women. The positive characteristics of Bhumi can be adapted, such as courage, boldness, bravery, etc. The chemistry, relationship and bond between Nayak and Bhumi were inspiring despite all the negative attributes they portrayed in the overall series

The story’s content may be improved by making it more exciting and cutting the sex scenes as one might get tired of seeing the same things repeatedly. The biggest mistake was to haste to get to the big moment. It resembles a student taking an exam at his own pace, striving to have good handwriting but fumbling it all up in the final 15 minutes with a poor one. There is a clear sense of urgency, and confident choices serve merely as story devices to get to the end. There is a leap, and it merely appears unneeded or poorly handled. Why doesn’t Bhumi’s mother care about Bhumi’s employment or the rapid change in appearance? She never inquires what transpired to alter her other daughter so drastically. But this is a show about a woman that guys made. There are prominent areas where the stare is present, and it will only take time to eliminate. Season 1 has seen a significant transformation, yet there is still room for growth.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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