Jen wins the case, however, the win is dismissed as a mistrial as she saves the Jury’s lives and they might be biased in their judgment. Soon, Jen’s boss fires her. After being fired, Jen starts to apply at various law firms but to no avail, someone calls her a ‘distraction’ and someone else a ‘sideshow’.

After Family dinner, Jen’s father talks some comfort into her. Mr. Holliway, the head of GLK and H, offers her a job. To her surprise, her new job isn’t taking her back to her supposedly ‘Normal-life’ as she is asked to lead the Superhuman Law Division as the ‘She Hulk’.

Her first case is the Parole of Emil Blonsky or Abomination – who once tried to kill her cousin, Hulk. Jen denies taking on the case but is somehow convinced to take it after meeting Blonsky and having a call with Bruce.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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