The episode begins with Jen getting a wedding invite from an old friend from high school and she has been asked to be the bridesmaid. Lulu, the bride, is angry at Jen for showing up as Hulk, and Jen has to oblige.

Meanwhile, Amelia and Nikki work together on a divorce case of a certain Mr. Immortal. Mr. Immortal turns out to be faking his death to walk out of his marriage and ends up paying a lot in alimony. Jen is finding it hard to get along in her dresses as well as in the wedding as herself and not ‘She Hulk’.

Titania shows up at the wedding and colors me surprised she has a fight with She-Hulk. The episode ends with the discovery of a certain website called Intelligencia and a lab – which is probably dangerous! Yet another episode without Daredevil showing up. The wedding thing was just forced and the plot is nowhere to be found. Sometimes I feel happy that this series has 25 min episodes!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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