Titania seems to be using ‘She Hulk’ as the name for her cosmetics business. Jen’s best friend and paralegal, Nikki calls in a favor to get custom-made clothing for Jen or ‘She Hulk’. Jen gets sued for using the name ‘She Hulk’ by Titania, and Amelia, her colleague decided to represent her in court.

While Amelia and Jen are trying to win their case, Nikki is trying to get her best friend clothes that fit her – both as Jen and as She-Hulk as well. Jen wins the case in the most peculiar way – her recent dates act as witnesses.

Jen is excited to see the dresses made for her. In the end, we see a glimpse of the cameo that we’ve all been waiting for – Daredevil! We get to see Daredevil’s helmet at the dress studio. Frankly speaking, very basic episode. So far, the only thing keeping me going on is the cameos!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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