After the footage of Abomination escaping the prison, Jen confronts him. Emil tells her that he didn’t escape on his own but Wong busted him out, and he came back to the prison of his own will. Jennifer’s ex-colleague comes to her firm to file a case against a shape-shifter who defrauded him.

Wong enters the scene and admits his mistake, with a promise to show up at the hearing. Emil’s hearing seems to be going haywire as Wong is late but he arrives just in time, helping him get the bail, with a condition that he can’t turn to abomination. The final scene is of Jen fighting with some street goons who stole some Asgardian construction tools.

In the episode we see some classic references, be it the “erasing memory thing” or the classic “Asgard is not a place but the people”. Sadly enough, these references and cameos seem to be the only two things that are keeping us watching. The story is not very enchanting nor the screenwriting for that matter. There are some comic elements here and there but I guess all the 90s kids have to live with the fact that phase 4 marvel just isn’t that good.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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