The episode begins with a not-so-blazing magic performance by Donny Blaze – a castaway from the school of Mystic Arts. And of course – our favorite – Wong is back, next we see Jen talk to us in her usual uncharismatic way. Wong decides to file a case again Donny Blaze for misusing the teachings of Mystic Arts and meets with Jen for the same.

As the episode proceeds, Jen is struggling with her dating life and ultimately decides to date as ‘She Hulk’. In another magic show, Donny Blaze accidentally brings demons and Jen and Wong fight them together. Donny Blaze agrees to all the terms of Jen as Wong’s Lawyer. The episode ends with the ‘Superhuman influencer’ Tatiana, trademarking Jen’s name, ‘She-Hulk’, and Jen receiving notice of the same.

Another subpar episode in this seemingly subpar series. Honestly, the cameos only seem to be doing all the locomotive work and not the protagonist, and talking about cameos, there’s a cameo that I and all of us Marvel fans are keenly waiting for, sadly though – no mention of him whatsoever!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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