She Hulk: Attorney at Law is all set to launch at Disney+ Hotstar. By the trailer, we get to know that she hulk is Hulk’s i.e. Bruce’s cousin and an Attorney at Law. It is pretty clear that the series is all about how Jennifer Walters becomes She Hulk, how she is trained by Bruce, and finally, how she manages her life being an Attorney and She Hulk, fighting in court and off the court.

The fact that we get to see Hulk, Wong, and many familiar villains, tells us that if not much, She Hulk will definitely get some nostalgia points.

Episode 1:
The episode begins with Jennifer practising her closing argument, with a tinge of disagreement from a fellow lawyer. Suddenly, we’re taken into a flashback where she was on a road trip with her cousin Bruce Banner. While on road, they meet with an accident, and Bruce’s blood somehow goes into her bloodstream and she becomes Hulk. Bruce later brings Jen to his home and starts to teach her how to be a hulk.

Bruce discovers that Jen is much better at ‘Hulking’ than he was, as she can already turn to hulk and back as she pleases. After much argument and a fight, Bruce agrees for Jen to go back and lead a normal life. Just when Jen was about to give her closing argument, the Jury gets attacked by a supposedly ‘superhuman influencer’ and she has to turn into Hulk to save the Jury.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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