It’s about con games in New York; nobody is who they seem to be. This suspenseful story opens at a New York bookstore.

The bookstore’s owner, the soft-spoken Tom, begins a conversation when NYU student Sandra enters to purchase a book for her professor. As Tom asks Sandra out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, things between the two good-hearted people gradually turn romantic.

When a female student from NYU steals a substantial quantity of money from the owner of a bookstore, a chain of events involving a high-stakes game of ambition and hunger for money is set in action.


The film starts off with a great start, leading you to believe you are witnessing a love tale unfold before your eyes in New York City’s bustle. It is successful in every way in establishing a connection between an NYU college student and the owner of a bookshop.

The first impression is that this will be a love story that takes an unexpected turn. Some viewers may struggle to accept the U-turn following the love story, which plays out throughout the film. Yet, if you can overlook the film’s early draw and eventual U-turn, you’ll probably enjoy it.

As the series of con tricks progresses, it also seems obvious what might happen next. Yet as you watch the film, you’ll notice some clever turns that will cheer you up. The film will occasionally make you think of “The Usual Suspects,” but in the end, the fantastic cast sets this movie apart.

With its cast, the movie Sharper becomes watchable. As Madeline, Julianne Moore performs superbly and masterfully shifts between many personas. After watching this movie, one can only appreciate Julianne’s mastery of her character.

In a brief appearance as a billionaire, seasoned actor John Lithgow makes an impression, but Briana Middleton, who portrays Sandra in the movie, steals the show. She first comes across as a pretty college student, but we soon realize that she is needy and in severe need of money. Finally, we see that she is a very confident woman. She moves gracefully and elegantly amid all the colors.

The movie will make you think of the Brian de Palma films from the late 1980s, and there is a homage to Brian Singer’s “The Usual Suspect” in the movie’s climactic scene. Thus the Rating is Three out of five stars.

Benjamin Caron directed the picture. The film was co-produced by Erik Feig, Jessica Switch, Julianne Moore, Bart Freundlich, Brian Gatewood, and Alessandro Tanaka. It was launched on February 10, 2023. The film features Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, Justice Smith, Briana Middleton, and John Lithgow. Sharper will be available for streaming on Apple TV beginning February 17.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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