The story revolves around Seetharaam, a newly transferred policeman from having to a remote village in Shivamogga District Aanegadde who finds himself in the middle of a group of cruel thieves who have indulged in burglary although he could guess who the thieves would be, it will be challenging for him to find any evidence. The day he takes charges his house gets robbed which sums up as a loss of jewelry for his wife but also a loss of dignity for him. The whole story then takes shape when the investigation was linked to case number 18 involving more crimes and murders.


Seetharaam Benoy Case No.18 is a crime thriller movie. The movie begins with a policeman named Seetharaam, played by Vijay Raghavendra getting transferred. When Seetharam comes to his office he sees a constable reading a case and asks him about it. After getting knowledge about the case he started inquiring into it. On his first day in the village, he got his house robbed about a loss of dignity and respect for him.
The film has a mixed case in its first half. The case begins with no clues but later on Seetharaam thought that he should think like a thief to solve the case. So he started investigating the matter. Though there is not any investigative narrative in sequence. The Thieves got to know from malli who works as a maid in a police station that the police inspectors were going to inspect the place where they have protected their stolen things.
The next day Seetharam’s wife told him that it was their anniversary so let’s go to the temple and pray but he denied her saying that he is too busy but will return in an hour. After a few hours when he came to his house to celebrate his anniversary he found his wife dead lying on the floor. He was in shock after seeing his wife. Naga, a boy, was also hiding in Seetharaam’s storeroom when his wife’s death took place, later the scenes start going into the flashback to show how Naga came into that house.
One day he went to his office and took Case No. 18 and started reading it and thought to solve the case as it was an unsolved case for a very long time. He found that the robbery case and case no 18 had connections and later understood that the symbol which was drawn beside his wife’s dead body was the same as it was in case no 18. He started getting to know more and more about the case and the case went on to become more complex. At last, he solved the case.
Directed by Devi Prasad Shetty, The natural camera moments also add to the film’s mood as required. The best part of a film is its background success which it frequently keeps using to make it bigger than it seems on the screen. At one point, one likes the music much more than the sequences.
The movie describes the obedient performance of a policeman and other merits that saves it from being an average movie.


The Seetharaam Benoy deserves a 3.5 rating out of 5. Even though the ending of the film was satisfying, it lacked an emotional connection with the lead actor.
Seetharam Benoy Case No .18 is directed by Devi Prasad Shetty and produced by Sathwik Hebbar. It is Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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