In the city of Ghaziabad, there is a girl named Saroj. She appears to be a typical girl, just like every other female living in the town, but whenever she leaves her house, people often comment on how overweight she is. However, Saroj seems unconcerned or unburdened by what others may think of her appearance or how she appears. Despite being viewed as “overweight,” she is surrounded by boys who desire her and want her to be their wife.
When they were younger, Saroj loved Vikram.

However, Vikram left for Canada and they were split up. Saroj enrols in Shantanu’s gym to lose weight. By the way, Shantanu had fallen in love with Saroj at first sight, but the latter sees him as a friend. Saroj welcomes Vikram to India. Shantanu is now persuaded that Saroj genuinely cares about Vikram. Shantanu consequently chooses to wed another woman.[/twitter]


Abhishek Saxena’s comedy “Saroj Ka Rishta” makes the viewer laugh while also prompting them to think critically about their attitudes toward girls who are perceived as being “overweight.” And that is both the film’s greatest asset and most appealing feature.
Saroj, performed by Sanah Kapur, makes you chuckle with her actions and behaviour. She also provokes reflection on the nature of our civilization with her razor-sharp tongue. The movie succeeds in this regard. You can find both a humorous and an emotional portrayal of the relationship between the father and daughter.

Kumud Mishra, who plays Saroj’s father, is so devoted to his daughter that he wishes for her to wed a guy who will stay with them after the wedding so that he won’t be parted from her. There are numerous father-daughter exchanges throughout the film that will make you cry. Kumud Mishra, the ideal choice for the part of Saroj’s father, plays the role beautifully and demonstrates both his breadth and talent as an actor.

Gaurav Pande and Randeep Rai also perform well in their parts and have an impression on the audience. The real-life mother of Sanah, Supriya Pathak, also had a significant cameo in the movie. She undoubtedly impacts the film, even in her little appearances.

Saroj Ka Rishta is exceptional in every area. The music and background score gives the movie a different high; the lyrics are just one example. The thoughtfully written conversation touches your heart. The cinematography provides each shot with a vibrant appearance, which also adds significantly to the overall enjoyment of watching the movie. Saroj Ka Rishta’s soundtrack transports the audience to a time of love, romance, and family movies.

Rating – Four out of five stars.

On September 16, 2022, the movie “Saroj Ka Rishta” was released. Sanah Kapur, Gaurav Pandey, Randeep Rai, and Kumud Mishra are the film’s leading actors. Anmol Kapoor and Aena Productions worked together to produce it under the direction of Abhishek Saxena. You may currently stream “Saroj Ka Rishta” on Amazon Prime Video.

After witnessing this enjoyable and socially significant movie, you’ll be filled with joy and pleasure

Written By : Indori Nerd

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