Manav Awasthi is a man who is dissatisfied with his life’s uncertainty. Everything seems to be going wrong for him, including his career and love chances. He thinks about jumping into a lake to end it all, but Jugaadu saves him just in time. Jugaadu gives Manav some advice and exhorts him to leave his family with a lasting legacy. Before taking his own life, he insists on getting “death” and life insurance, again.

Manav puts a lot of effort into giving his loved ones a safe future, but his efforts don’t always have the desired effect. A dramatic turn of events in Manav’s life prompts him to reevaluate as the deadline for his planned suicide draws near, but changing his mind turns out to be a difficult choice.


Bharat Ratan is the director and writer of the comedy Darran Chhoo, while Ankita Bhargava Patel and Minoo Patel are in charge of production. The film’s sincerity and warmth from the very beginning are without a doubt its greatest assets.

There is a constant relatability and connection that endures despite the fact that movie is about a man who is struggling with his existence and makes an attempt at suicide.
TV actor Karan Patel does a respectable job in his movie debut. His character is the main focus of the plot, yet he doesn’t go above and beyond.

The film gains a redeeming quality due to the exceptional performance of Ashutosh Rana in the role of Jugaadu. Regrettably, Manoj Joshi, who plays Manav’s father, comes across as a caricature and fails to generate the desired amount of laughs from the audience.

The film’s overlong running time and lacklustre storyline are its two main flaws. With duration of 134 minutes, the experience of watching is demanding and tough. Despite having noble intentions, the movie finds it difficult to hold the attention of the viewer.

Ratings: 2/5

Though “Darran Chhoo” presents itself as a comedy, it falls flat in terms of humour. There isn’t much true humour in the movie, and its attempts to make people laugh are frequently strained and unsatisfactory.

Although meant to be funny, the scenes showcasing Manav’s brother’s foolish obsession with “Bhabhiji” come out as vulgar and unpolished. Though intended to be the movie’s saving grace, the humorous parts come across as phoney and uninteresting.
Although TV star Karan Patel gave a great debut, the film’s potential is yet unrealized. In a time when powerful stories are told succinctly, ‘Darran Chhoo’ seems like a lost chance. A 2.5 out of 5 star rating has been assigned to this film.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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