Asha resolves to handle things herself after learning that her beloved King Magnifico is a charlatan who is tricking the credulous residents of Rosas. Unbeknownst to her, someone is watching from above. With little explanation, Disney’s racially inclusive mixed bag presents us with a diverse cast of characters who may not appear connected, but are a family nonetheless.

But the feeling that unites them and their familial tie form the central theme of the movie. The plot of the movie is a standard good-against-evil tale; there are no real surprises or unbelievable turns in the tale. It’s returning to the fundamentals in both the animation and storytelling departments.


‘Wish’, directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, has its magical moments. Co-written by “Frozen” author Jennifer Lee, this movie offers a straightforward interpretation of the unwavering power of hope. Asha resolves to rebel after learning that Emperor Magnifico is a phony who is merely deceiving his gullible citizens by claiming to protect them and give them their wants.

Her goal is to fulfill the desires of her mother Sakina and her grandfather Sabino (Victor Garber), who is 100 years old. However, she ends up getting much more than she bargained for when a jittery little golden star appears out of the sky and begins to bring enchantment into her life.

It is nostalgic to use the visual watercolor tale CG look, which combines 3-D animation with watercolor style. The entertainment value of the screenplay stems from its predictable flow and its magical or humorous moments. Similar to how Asha’s adorable little pet goat, Valentino, changes into a talking marvel. Alan Tudyk laughs while pulling out all the stops in his lines.

Every story point and emotion in the musical “Wish” has a corresponding song. The soundtrack features numerous songs. The song has a smooth rhythm and features harsh lyrics uttered by an attractive yet avaricious monarch. With a voice that strikes a balance between vulnerability, strength, and confidence, Ariana DeBose breathes life into Asha, a 17-year-old. That being said, Magnifico’s wicked streak is voiced by Chris Pine. Despite its unimpressive animated avatar, the brilliant tiny star gets the job done.

Ratings: 2/5

Wish serves as a reminder to cherish the beauty found in life’s small pleasures and the enduring power of hope in an increasingly complicated and perplexing world. Taking into consideration each of these factors, the movie received a rating of two stars out of five.

The film’s main character is a teenage girl named Asha, who is by nature a traditional Disney heroine. The moral, wise beyond her years, and eager to effect change.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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