It’s a funny love story about two people who want to become famous actors. When their feelings grow, they face problems in the black market and with drugs, dealing with one problem after another. Will they be able to remain a unit despite their difficulties? After seeing the movie, you will get the answer.

The movie’s story and how Sai Kabir directed it don’t fit together and feel smooth. This story is about two people trying very hard to succeed and the difficulties actors face when starting and trying to make it big. Sometimes, the paper report only partially represents the main ideas. Tiku is having a baby that belongs to someone else, and Sheru is okay with it.


Tiku Weds Sheru is a movie about two unusual and hopeful people who want to be successful in Bollywood. Ranaut said the movie is a sincere tribute to Mumbai, also known as the city of dreams. Tiku is a strong-minded and self-centered girl living in Bhopal. She likes to write poems and dreams of becoming famous.

She got an excellent opportunity to become famous in Bollywood because of Sheru. Sheru pretends to be someone who gives money to make movies. The couple got married because Sheru received some money as a gift that he could use to pay someone who he borrowed money from. The story is about how they live in Hollywood and become a family. Their lives become very difficult when Sheru gets caught selling drugs, and Tiku tries to make a name for himself in the wrong industry.

Nawazuddin did a great job as a junior actor and acted loudly in the film. Avneet Kaur has a lot of potential as a confident and determined young woman but also as someone who feels sad when she finds out the truth about her husband. When upset, she looks great on screen and takes food from a movie set.

Ratings: 2/5

Only a few new things are shown at the end of this slow-starting film. In addition, there is little emotional resonance with the characters. Nawazuddin does a good job acting, so you should like the movie. However, it would have been preferable if he hadn’t dressed as a lady for a dance scene. This information led to a rating of two out of five stars.

Sai Kabir is the person who directed the movie, and the one who produced it is Kangana Ranaut. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur are the two key performers in this film. In 2023, on June 23, the movie debuted on Amazon Prime Video.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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