The relationship between India and Pakistan and the subterranean spy war are the main plot points of Tiger 3. Tiger’s goal is to mend relations while averting a military takeover and the prime minister of Pakistan’s killing. Aatish, a renegade Pakistani spy, is his opponent and seeks to seize power and destroy all diplomatic ties with the adjacent nation.

The movie’s principal actress, Katrina Kaif, has a well-developed character arc this time around, with a fascinating background, a compelling motivation, and a defined setting. In a scene that is full of action, Katrina does an amazing job of giving some serious butts. She does an extremely good job in her towel combat scene with Asian American actress Michelle Lee.


Tiger 3 is the third installment of the Tiger series, which stars Bollywood’s megastar Salman Khan, and is hugely popular with fans. Maneesh Sharma directed Katrina Kaif’s return in the role of Zoya. The narrative of Shridhar Raghavan provides director Maneesh Sharma with a canvas on which to create a fast-paced action drama that intertwines ideas of responsibility, selflessness, and nationalism. The story is expertly integrated with Shahrukh Khan’s well-timed debut as Pathaan.

The film is quite technically proficient. Excellent camera and sound design work is done. Many scenes in daily life are made better by Tanuj Tiku’s background music. Despite its cliched espionage film premise and predictable storyline, “Tiger 3” successfully strikes a cautious balance between fostering patriotism and going overboard. The narrative skillfully incorporates Shahrukh Khan’s opportune appearance as Pathaan. It will certainly resonate with fans of both Khans.

Emraan Hashmi does a great job in the part, even though his portrayal of the ruthless opponent, Aatish, is overdone and unconvincing. Despite mainly relying on well-known spying genre tropes that were influenced by Hollywood masterpieces and several Bollywood blockbusters, the film makes sure there are plenty of heart-pounding action scenes.

The Tiger series contains surprisingly fewer high points than one might imagine. Nothing is intriguing about most of the storyline. The villain’s poor writing is another serious shortcoming. Emraan Hashmi is a skilled artist, yet his role feels overdone.

Rating: 3/5

Since Tiger 3 only partially entertains, it ultimately falls short of the lofty expectations. Salman Khan excels in an action role, and the scenes he and Shah Rukh Khan share are what add intrigue to the film. The movie will benefit from the holidays, but once workdays resume, the true test will begin. This movie had a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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