Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) runs into the past using his super-speed to save his mother’s murder from happening when he was a youngster. But when he returns to the present, he discovers that everything has altered significantly. What follows is what? The movie contains all the answers.

The Flash was very brave when he saved some kids at the hospital. This portion of the film was really cool. The Flash looks cool in slow motion when he’s doing his thing. The pictures look bright and cool. The Flash has a straightforward story without surprises. The most unexpected part of the movie is when Barry Allen meets Batman and Supergirl in different periods.


The Flash movie has a good plot that makes fans feel happy and remember good old times at the cinema. Ezra Miller acted well and impressed fans by portraying a younger version of himself who looked different.

The movie also has moments that remind you of the past. In this movie, it’s fantastic that Michael Keaton is wearing the Batman suit again after 31 years. His character changes are excellent and essential when he talks to the future Flash. The characters have a good bond and feelings towards each other.

The second part of the story could have been more interesting. The last part needs more moments where characters confront each other. The person in charge didn’t make it so we could feel more connected to the old and new versions of Barry Allen. This could have made the movie much better.

This is the first time the director, Andy Muschietti, directed a movie about superheroes, and it turned out to be alright. The people who wrote the film could have included more exciting parts. The story written by Christina Hodson is excellent.

The pictures look great because the cameraman and people who made special effects worked hard to make them extraordinary. Benjamin Wallfisch’s music is okay, but it could have been improved, particularly during the exciting parts of the movie. If the movie’s second half had been edited more carefully, it could have been much better.

Rating: 3/5

Overall, The Flash is a good movie with pleasant memories and touching parts. At the end of the story, we expected a fascinating finish, but The Flash chose to end it in a plain and unexciting way. It scored three stars out of five because of these things.

Barbara Muschietti and Michael Disco are the producers, and Andy Muschietti is the director. Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Michael Keaton, Michael Shannon, and more are featured in it. The publication date was June 16, 2023. The movie will soon be accessible via OTT streaming.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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