Sridevi Prasanna spins a tale of Prasanna’s quest for love meeting Sridevi, hailing from a lineage steeped in the tradition of love marriages. What unfolds when their paths converge forms the heart of this romantic narrative.

Initially brimming with rapid storytelling and witty humor, the film eventually veers off track, losing its grip on the central themes. The superficiality of characters and screenplay is underscored by a barrage of consecutive songs, failing to deliver any gripping moments or breaks in the narrative. Despite attempts at a classic romantic comedy formula, the direction falls short, rendering even a two-hour runtime feel like an eternity.


The film commences simultaneously in Vengurla and Mumbai, presenting the contrasting backgrounds of Sridevi and Prasanna’s families. Sridevi emerges from a boisterous, tradition-steeped Bollywood dynasty with a penchant for love marriages spanning generations. Their aspiration for Sridevi is to swiftly fall in love and tie the knot. On the other hand, Prasanna’s family simply seeks to ensure he doesn’t remain a bachelor for too long, tirelessly exploring every avenue for suitable matches to no avail.

In a bid to test their fortunes, both Sridevi and Prasanna turn to the matrimonial website Jeevansathi. After a thorough search, they serendipitously discover each other. Prasanna’s swipe right is prompted by the allure of Sridevi’s captivating name, while Sridevi is drawn to Prasanna’s extensive list of desirable traits in a partner. Their eventual rendezvous sets the stage for a tender yet modestly romantic love story.

The crux of the movie hinges on the performances of Siddharth and Sai, without whom Sridevi Prasanna would have faltered. Despite a sprinkling of recognizable faces in the supporting cast, their roles are unfortunately relegated to the sidelines. Disappointingly, the cinematography fails to fully capture the allure of Goa, failing to meet expectations. However, the soundtrack and background music seamlessly complement the acting and storyline.

While the initial segments of the film are engaging and well-executed, the latter part loses its momentum. The transition is somewhat jarring, leaving viewers feeling somewhat underwhelmed, particularly considering the misstep in the movie’s pre-climax scene.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Ultimately, Sridevi Prasanna transforms into more of a matrimonial advertisement than a captivating narrative. What initially promises to be a unique story swiftly devolves into an overt promotion for Jeevansathi. Despite commendable performances by the leads, the lackluster writing fails to hold the audience’s attention. Consequently, this movie merits a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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