An illicit drug plant is controlled by Rani Maa, a matriarch, in the middle of a desert’s wilderness. She manufactures and distributes the Flamingo, a premium quality medication, along with her daughter and daughters-in-law. When men are invited, and their egos are bruised in a system successfully administered by women, all hell breaks out, and Rani Maa must now step in to save the day.

The way that director Homi Adajania handles his female characters is distinctly unusual. He doesn’t care which side of the gender continuum women in his universe fall on; what matters are their choices at that specific time, which determine their future, irrespective of their gender or the implications that may follow. Technically, this offers his content advantage over similar products. As an illustration, consider the ever-so-rogue Veronica in Cocktail, who entered a hostile environment to find redemption, or Angie in Finding Fanny, who ultimately decided to ensure that her mourning was defined by her alone and who wasn’t the idealized righteous person.

Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo’s writing has so much information that it keeps revealing new layers with each episode, drawing the audience further into aree fort’s lanes. More to discover than immediately apparent from the teaser and the first episode. While these ladies in black are motivated by wrath, Homi unexpectedly cuts through that fuel. He throws you off the cliff to understand what initially formed this universe after he has finished describing it to you and establishing its foundation. Women who are silenced, exploited, and mistreated gathered together rather than rise and commit violence.

He is pushed to the point that one of his final frames features him brutally killing goats as if a police officer is doing his best to bust this conspiracy. But have we ever seen him in the show acting in this way? There was no indication that the entire narrative would have such a harsh impact on his mental state. The conclusion and climax, the worst elements of this entertaining presentation, should be added. The plot twists are so predictable that you can predict them well before their appearance.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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