Saabji forewarns Savitri that her adversary Monk will be entering the state and planning to assassinate her the day before Janmashtami. Savitri and the woman who works for her attack Monk and his men before they can kill her family. After some brutal gunshots, Monk is detained, and she is separated from him by Saabji before she has a chance to kill him. Before the elections, Saabji does not want untoward incidents in his town, but Savitri wants to murder the monk and his followers. Bijli’s girlfriend, who stayed with her until she could depart for Berlin, is killed the night before Janmashtami.

Prasoon admits he knows Savitri starts interrogating him. He kidnaps Savitri while pretending to have information for her so he has nothing. Prasoon drives the automobile into the neighboring river while Savitri is imprisoned inside. Savitri’s body is discovered, not Prasoon’s, and Deeman, Harish, and Kapil cremate her.

The family has recently suffered a loss; therefore, they naturally want to know who will inherit her empire. Regarding her will, Savitri has recorded a message for her children. Monk and his men enter the room and attack their little group just as the lawyer is ready to read out the name. Saabji saved him since the man had changed sides. Monk explains that Kajal was his family’s mole. She disclosed the information regarding the shipment traveling to Spain. Kajal confesses that Savitri kidnapped her child at birth and had her work in the drug trade. The woman who claimed to have saved Kajal made her feel betrayed.

She says that Savitri is not as admirable as people have made her out to be. Kajal realizes she and Kapil will never achieve their goal of controlling the entire kingdom; therefore, she doesn’t feel bad about switching sides. She has always been thankful to Monk for connecting her with her child; as a result, she was the insider he was seeking for. Monk was the one who put her in touch with her child. When the guns are dispersed, Savitri’s henchman, at last, admits that Naina’s body was the one they incinerated and that Savitri had survived the accident.

She committed the entire deed to identify the treacherous backstabber. Savitri watches and hears all the drama through the CCTV camera as Saas, Bahu, aur Flamingo come to a close, and she accepts that Kajal deceived her. Nothing stops Savitri from chasing after and killing Monk and her daughter-in-law now that Kajal’s truth is out.

Savitri will return stronger and more watchful now that she is still alive. Savitri is not the one who would apologize to Kajal since, in her words, Savitri is even more furious by Kajal’s betrayal. Even if it costs destroying her family, Savitri will not give up on her mission to become the most powerful drug king.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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