At the beginning of this episode, it was found that now Ranima was being called upon to see the dead body of the man as he was in too much pain due to the consumption of Flamingo, which made him depleted from the inside. It was found that Ranima closed the eyes of the men with her hand, and it was very painful to be there.

Now it was found that the police were now executing their investigation as they were now. We knew that they had lost their support system, and they also got a video of the secret cave, which was the place where they produced Flamingo.

The police were investigating quickly and kindly, finding shreds of evidence from every point. They were just looking for the exact location of the Flamingo production so that they could arrange the victim. On the other hand, it was found that Ranima was contacting a man as she lost her support system, and she was discussing all the kinds of stuff with him so as to see it for help in this difficult time.

I like the part that everybody was very much thankful to the man who supported and it was also found that it was very much opposing the son’s which was a good thing in against of Flamingo as they were in able to digest the fact that his family was involved in such kind of business.

I didn’t like the part how everybody was hitting out and doing all their stuff as the story was something that can just irritate the clients or audience to get a watch on to. The main part was that the story wasn’t aligned in a manner and was just like a drama going on where repeatedly the things were happening.

The end of the episode it was found that all the relations were now taking a chance to talk with their partner and sort out the things which was very much miss the between them. It was also found that the men whose wife was attracted to other lady came to apologize that they can have a new start as if they don’t know themselves too much they can now give them a chance. What’s next? To know that stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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