At the beginning of this episode, it was found that a lady came to meet the men who were shown at the start of the episode. The man was seen as an enemy of the Rani Maa as he planned against her. On the other hand, Ranima was very happy to be with the man as he returned a long time after meeting her. It was found that all the relations have been disturbed because it was revealed that they were doing Flamingo supply.

Now it was joined that every relation was having some issues. One of the couples wasn’t happy with the other as they fill that the trust has been broken between them. On the other hand, another couple was having another issue in that the warrant attracted each other, but the lady was attracted to the girl who she found in a club in the starting.

As the story proceeded it was found that the lady was spending time with the girl she loved. His husband found out and felt unconscious as he was fully drunk. It was found that the daughter was now with the man who the Rani Maa loved a lot and was dancing and singing as she knew that she had done a great pleasure and a great thing which nobody can do for her mother. It was the time which was very much social and which was very much broken in the life of ranima was being healed by that man only.

I like the part how the man respected ranima as she news that he was a God for anima bird beside that he never took advantage of her and always supported her to be a survival and a fighter rather than been a depressed and a alive dead.

I also didn’t like the part when everything was been disclosed freely and the relations which was been disturbing was shown casually that it doesn’t like or it doesn’t affect any one. It was shown that the relations were been just for the sake of the power and the name or some kind of tag.

At the end of the episode, it was found that the son of the lady and the daughter’s boyfriend had a very up seve your fight in which they were very violent. Meanwhile, the men who has been loved by Rani Maa felt unconscious and he died due to the Flamingo consumption which made everybody to be shock as they were known that Rani maa was madly in love with the man. To know what’s ahead stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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