At the beginning of this episode, it was shown that Ranima was involved in the celebrations, and now she found a bond with the person who was her support system and who made her start the Flamingo business. It was also found that she was also in love with the man and was planning to have a future ahead.

Now everything seemed disturbing as something was making them want to destroy. Or on the one hand, a man planning to ruin Rani Maa as something was very serious with him as Rani Maa due to Flamingo losing his family made him do so. It was also found that Rani Maa was also curious about the plans of the police as she knew that the Police were searching for her and, at some point, they would reach her.

Now it was found that some relations were being joined and some relations were broken due to the issues which were being created, and Rani Maa was wholly involved in that man as she was madly in love with that man who made her have a future ahead. It was also shown that Ranima’s daughter-in-law’s past was also to ensure from which background they were supposed to be.

Now it was very much clear that some points were positive and some points were negative. The negative aspect was also there, as some people may not like it compared to me. I wouldn’t say I like some of the scenes where things were openly shown, and something was ancient which needed to be hidden.

At the end of the episode, it was found that Ranima finally figured out who was behind all the planning. Now she knew that someone was bitterly planning all kinds of stuff, and they were now in a Problem where the Police finally found the exact location and they left their home to catch Rani Maa. To know what’s next, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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