At the beginning of this episode, it was found that, finally, the man was executing the plan and was threatened by and shocked by the death of his family due to the food he ate. Right out that there must be Flamingo go that’s why he was so much angry on the other topics and the kinds of stuff which the people were carrying.

Now it was found that Rani mas to Son were very shocked about knowing their family members, but they need to accept the reality to be in the future. Now it was shown that both the sons were thinking about how much they had executed this kind of stuff as it was going under them only, but they were aware of these things.

Now it was found that the police were also in finding that all the things were being jumbled up due to the stress which was being created upon them as the Fleming ko spread was going on and it was ruining the life of many peoples.

Now it was found that the daughter in laws of Rani Maa was traumatized and was influenced by all the people as they knew that it was a threat to them and not an opportunity for them to resist in this kind of environment.

I wouldn’t say I liked the part where the son opposed all of the things as it was also very much rude and very much cruel to the people who were involved in the Flamingo business, besides knowing that it was destruction for everybody’s life.

At the end of the episode, it was found that the Rani maa and all the family members were celebrating some occasions. Meanwhile, the police were nearby as they were reaching towards them, heading towards them by the evidence they had and the things they were carrying with themselves as evidence. To know what’s ahead, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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