At the beginning of this episode, it was found that a man was cooking a meal for many people and they were eating, but suddenly something happened, and everybody died except the man who was cooking the food. It made everybody sure at that place, and now it was found that he was searching for something.

As the gate opened in the last episode, it was found that both the son was at the door and the daughter-in-law was thrown in the pool by the lady who had hidden this kind of thing from her sons since childhood.

Now it was shown that the son arrived very long ago, so they spent quality time with their wife in their respective rooms. Moreover, the lady’s daughter was enjoying 3D play, making her experience a 3D experience of New York which was her Dream place. Now it was so on that one of the sons was offering his wife about the trip to New York and other things, but she was interested as she was working with that lady in her Flamingo business.

Now it was shown that after that, it was found that they all the next day went for a ride in the Jeep. Now it was found that they enjoyed it. Meanwhile, all the people were happy. The daughter was facing some issues with her boyfriend as some conflict was repeatedly going on between them.

Now it was found that after a while, both the daughter and her boyfriend were in the room where they were solving their conflicts, and something happened between them which fired everything and in the aggression, both were very much sad with each other. I like the parts when all the ladies covered their secret of Flamingos with their husbands, making themselves be in the pool so they thought they had a pool experience.

I didn’t like the sex scenes with an incredible story that makes at some point avoid the story children and especially teenagers. Now at the end of the episode, it was found that the two sons came to know about the secret place of their mother where Flamingo was being produced, and it was found that the lady was front with all her negative kinds of stuff in front of her sons. To know what’s next, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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