At the beginning of this episode, it was shown that an extremely powerful and powerful woman known affectionately as Rani Ba, along with her two daughters-in-law and daughter, are engaged in the illegal manufacture and sale of a drug known as Flamingo without the knowledge of Rani Ba’s two sons, who recently came back from the United States. An investigation is launched to determine who is in charge of Flamingo manufacture and distribution nationwide after a fatality in a Mumbai nightclub brought on by Flamingo usage. It’s up to Rani Ba, her daughters-in-law, and her daughter to escape dire circumstances with the investigation authorities and her adversaries behind them.

The show’s premise is intriguing, and each character is intriguing in a special manner. Numerous opportunities exist to investigate various equations and dynamics. The program has zany moments that will have you laughing. The humor is contextual. The action scenes are good, especially in the first episode. When performed by the ladies, they are brutal and appear pretty ferocious. The background music by Sachin-Jigar deserves praise.

The script is illogical. Even just judging from the first two episodes, there are pacing concerns. However, the conclusion of the second episode does hint that the stakes will be raised in the subsequent episodes. Certain scenes appear improvised or forced. A few of the sequences seem overly drawn out and have no purpose. After a while, the careless use of curse words seems forced. Curses are not the issue; rather, the issue is how ineffectively they are employed.

Powerhouse actors who command the screen include Angira Dhar, Radhika Madan, Isha Talwar, and Dimple Kapadia. Despite how little we see of Deepak Dobriyal in the first two episodes, his appearance is menacing. He might once more rank among the top actors. Currently, Rani Ma’s sons, Varun Mitra, and Ashish Verma, have nothing noteworthy to share. The writing disappoints them. Eventually, in the show, Jimit Trivedi, who plays the investigating officer, might have his moments to shine.

At the end of the episode, it was shown that the old lady was scared as already they have support with an attack, which means they need to be very much alert this time. Someone is at the door, and when the door opens, everybody gets shown, and the episode ends here. What’s next? To know that stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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