Shaurya is an easygoing person. His father sends him to Vizag for school against his will. There, he develops feelings for Sahaja, a medical professional. Due to a problem with the Rangabali centre in Rajavaram, Sahaja’s father, Murali Sharma, unfortunately, opposes their union. What’s the matter? Did Shaurya succeed in solving it? The movie will supply the solutions.

The narrative needs a compelling hook to draw readers in. The film’s second half falls short, even if the filmmaker handles the first half nicely with passable comic situations involving Shaurya, his friends, and his family. Poor script prevents the director from utilizing the first half’s potential for a solid second half.


For Rangabali, promising actor Naga Shaurya has teamed with inexperienced filmmaker Pawan Basamsetti. He demonstrates how easily portraying the lad next door is for him. It is admirable how he shows a person who is passionate about his community and takes on one of its influential figures.

Satya, a comedian, excels at his position. He effortlessly carries the first part of the movie. Goparaju Ramana plays a minor yet significant role. It’s entertaining to watch him connect with Naga Shaurya.

Seeing the talented Shine Tom Chacko portraying a role with insufficient screen time is frustrating. Furthermore, his poorly developed character and the lacklustre face-off sequences with Naga Shaurya do not make an impact. Despite playing essential roles, the director underutilized Murali Sharma and Sarathkumar. Anantha Sriram and other characters in the movie have little significance to the plot.

Additionally, the comic Satya is rarely seen in the second half. The second half is a tremendous letdown, especially after the pre-climax. By making the first half enjoyable, the director is successful. However, his debut falls flat.

For Rangabali to be at least a passable movie, he could have put more time and effort into the story during the second hour and improved the screenplay. No song makes an impression after leaving the theater due to the wrong song placement. Pawan CH should have written better songs to make Rangabali at least a musical success.

Ratings: 2/5

The cinematography of Divakar Mani is adequate. Although the movie has a respectable running time, the second half seems like it could have used fewer scenes. On the screen, the production values are displayed. Due to these factors, it received two stars out of five.

Sudhakar Cherukuri is the producer, while Pawan Basamsetti is the director. Naga Shaurya, Yukti Thareja, Brahmaji, Satya, and Murali Sharma are the main actors. On July 7, 2023, the movie was released. Soon, OTT streaming will make the film available.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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