The plot of “Ramanna Youth” centers on the journey of a young, aspirational person who finds motivation in a well-known politician and nurtures dreams of becoming a youth leader. Raju, the main character, lives in Khanapur and harbors aspirations of becoming a young leader inside a political party. When Ramanna, the local MLA, calls him by name during a public meeting, his resolve solidifies.

Raju sets out on an interesting journey with the support of his loyal pals. Together, they create the dynamic campaign “Ramanna Youth,” which sets off a chain of events that result in an argument. Undeterred, the four friends decide to see MLA Ramanna in Hyderabad, vowing to rely entirely on their own efforts without using any outside influence.

The story then on to explore the results of this audacious choice, illuminating how Raju’s fiancée Swapna, the former Sarpanch Anil, Anil’s brother Mahipal, Patel, Balu’s father, and others respond to these developing events. The core of this fascinating story consists of their answers and deeds.


Actor Abhai Naveen both starred in and directed the film Ramanna Youth. It explores the pervasive problem of young people nowadays being influenced by celebrities too readily. The audience is interested in Abhai’s powerful narrative because it presents a salient and thought-provoking idea. His ability as a director not only brought out the best in the actors and crew, but also showed his abilities as an editor.

The storyline and direction also displayed a strong, sympathetic plot. The dialogues are expertly written, and those who value the Telangana dialect’s subtleties will find them particularly intriguing. In comparison to the first hour, the second half is better. The picture takes on a serious tone in the last 30 minutes, and this is when everything starts to come together.

The youth-focused message in “Ramanna Youth” is worthwhile, but the presentation falls short. The actors do a good job, but the movie lacks the drama and emotional depth needed to successfully convey its message.

There is a lack of emotional engagement due to the climax’s hurried ending. With a needlessly drawn-out romance track and uninteresting moments, the film struggles to keep viewers’ attention throughout. The inadequate handling of the characters’ emotions prevents one from being able to empathize with them.

Ratings: 2.5/5

Overall, Ramanna Youth seeks to convey a positive message to young people, yet the presentation falls short. The actors performed a fantastic job, and the last few minutes were strong. However, Ramanna Youth ultimately lacks the necessary drama and emotions to hold the film together. The film is rated 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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