“Nach Ga Ghuma” tells the story of two women: Asha, a housekeeper, and Rani, a bank employee. The film delves into their challenging relationship. Asha (Namrata Sambherao) frequently makes excuses to avoid work, frustrating her employer Rani (Mukta Barve). Eventually, Rani fires Asha, but soon realizes finding a new housekeeper is a daunting task. After re-hiring Asha, Rani continues to face challenges. The film portrays the separate struggles of both women.

From Rani’s perspective, her family dynamics add complexity: her husband Anand (Sarang Sathaye), their daughter Sayali (Myra Gaurav Vaikul), her mother (Sukanya Kulkarni), and her mother-in-law (Supriya Pathare) all play significant roles. Rani’s primary concerns are Asha’s punctuality, her avoidance of phone use during her 12-hour shifts, and maintaining household order.


Scripted in collaboration with Madhugandha Kulkarni, the director presents the relationship between Rani and Asha akin to a marriage. The rift between the two women impacts Rani more profoundly than a breakup. While the story is straightforward and predictable, the strong performances elevate “Nach Ga Ghuma.” Mukta Barve and Namrata Sambherao excel in their roles, bringing depth and authenticity to their characters. Mukta adeptly conveys the emotional nuances of Rani, while Namrata brings Asha’s struggles vividly to life. Supporting performances by Sarang Sathaye, Sukanya Mone, Sharmishtha Raut, Myra Waikul, and Supriya Pathare also add depth to the film. Special mention goes to Purnima Oak’s wardrobe department for enhancing the visual appeal.

“Nach Ga Ghuma” addresses some important questions and offers thoughtful insights. However, Rani’s pivotal moment lacks impact, and the film could have been forgettable without the compelling performances of Mukta Barve and Namrata Sambherao. Despite its relatability, the film is worth watching, though it’s not the creators’ best work.

Rating: 3/5

Family-friendly and entertaining, “Nach Ga Ghuma” is a fun comedy that offers plenty of laughs. Mukta Barve and Namrata Sambherao bring dynamic energy and genuine chemistry to their roles, making their interactions engaging. Despite the occasional overuse of songs, the film’s engrossing storyline, endearing characters, and clean humor make it a great choice for all ages. Overall, this movie earns three out of five stars.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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