The story of My Dear Bootham centers on a child named Thirunavukkarasu (Ashwanth) who struggles with stammering and is teased by his classmates, instructors, and residents of his neighborhood. He discovers a lantern in a cave and frees Karkimuki, the ruler of all Genies. After that, the duo begins assisting one another in their daily activities. Throughout the entire movie, a comedic voice-over tells the story of their life

Thirunavukkarasu (Ashwanth), a fatherless kid with a stammering problem, travels with a talkative genie who is separated from his child, and together they fill the gaps left by the other. Although the plot seems to be ideal for grownups, the director barely touches on the foster father-son element and instead concentrates on melodrama.

Even though My Dear Bootham makes an effort to present Thirunavukkarasu as a subject of sympathy, there are only a few scenes that manage to hit the correct emotional notes. Every day is a living hell for a child who struggles with stammering. His mother is blissfully unaware of the bullying he experiences from his classmates, the teacher, and the neighborhood kids.

Additionally, the stammering issue may have been addressed fairly delicately by filmmaker Ragavan. Positively, there are some enjoyable parts in the movie as well. There are a few instances that youngsters would find to be both incredibly funny and exciting.

Bring your kids to the movies, and they will enjoy it. One could only wish that the writing had been flawless throughout, with the emotions staying in check. If that had been the case, My Dear Bootham would have been improved and refined.

Unquestionably, Prabhu Deva is one of the movie’s greatest strengths. He gives a lighthearted, entertaining performance; it’s a nice change of pace. He does a good job of keeping our attention once he appears on the screen. Ashwanth, a star of Super Deluxe, is likewise excellent and does well in both humorous and moving parts. Most of the film’s problems in other areas are resolved by the equation between Prabhu Deva and Ashwanth. Remya Nambeesan does a good job as the overly protective mother.

The majority of the departments worked on a functional note, and the film doesn’t have strong technical elements. The film’s family-friendly atmosphere is enhanced by D Imman’s background score, and Senthil Kumar’s colorful graphics also appeal to children.

My Dear Bootham deserves 3 stars out of 5. It is Another melodramatically presented version of the Aladdin tale. To an extent, it is a kid-friendly fantasy movie.

My Dear Bootham is directed by N. Ragavan of Manjapai and Kadamban fame. It is produced by Ramesh P. Pillai under Abhishek Films. The film stars Prabhu Deva, Ashwanth Ashokkumar, and Remya Nambeesan. It is currently streaming on Zee5.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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