The film tells how a courageous person saved the miners when practically everyone had given up hope for their survival. To save 65 miners trapped in a flooded coal mine, mining expert Jaswant Singh Gill oversees a difficult rescue operation. The rescue operation, which lasted three days, was fraught with difficulties and obstacles, but Gill and his team overcame them to complete their task, making it one of the nation’s most daring rescue operations.

It’s poorly made in the first half. There is no character development to make you care about them. Poor production quality and visual effects also don’t help. The seriousness of the issue is not adequately highlighted by any conversation in the story. Additionally, it appears that Akshay shot a lot of the footage by himself, with the director combining his shots with those of others utilizing choppy editing techniques. Parineeti Chopra, who plays his wife, has very little to do in the movie and has very little screen time. The actors who portray the miners, such as Ravi Kishen, Inaamulhaq, and Jameel Khan, do a respectable job.


The narrative of Mission Raniganj is one of human triumph, and it has been brilliantly told. The audience will find it to be an emotionally impactful event. The film, directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, immediately establishes its tone and maintains it throughout. The world’s greatest rescue effort was carried out by Jaswant Singh Gill, who was brilliantly portrayed by Akshay Kumar.

The second half of the movie increases speed, and that’s when all the action takes place. Desai eventually succeeds in saving the movie by turning an incident that, on paper, would seem more deserving of a documentary into a gripping, tense thriller.

The first half of Mission Raniganj drags on interminably as the plot is built, despite the film’s efficient running length of 2 hours and 18 minutes. It has too much technical speak and jargon for one person to understand all at once. Only in the last few seconds before the break does the narrative catch up, and the second half starts to gather up speed. Vipul K. It would take far more than one evening to adequately describe Rawal’s story. Deepak Kingrani’s dialogues are average.

Rating: 2.5/5

An inspiring tale of optimism, resiliency, and cooperation is Mission Raniganj. Director Tinu Suresh Desai’s film is noisy, bombastic, and fails miserably to get under the surface, rendering you uninterested in an essential event. A 2.5 out of 5-star rating is given to the movie.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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