After the most unexpected kiss that concluded season 1, we awakened the following morning. Dimple, Harsh, Namrata, Rishi and Selena are the major players in the dysfunctional dynamics. Now that everything has been sorted out, young people must concentrate on developing their apps and careers.

The world that everyone lives in was established in the first season. I know that is what it was intended to accomplish, but I think the creators also realised the type of stuff they were producing. An unapologetic youthful love story with many things, but it managed to find a huge following. It was undoubtedly a large fandom since Rohit Saraf rose to become a national obsession. The second season does this while staying faithful to the spirit of the first. Satisfies expectations but also introduces a few new complexities that can attract viewers who seek out story tensions. As a result, all of the leading pairs are currently experiencing varying degrees of tension.

This time, even some families participate, enhancing the ambience. The fact that his direction falls into a niche with a sizable audience is its best quality. A viewer viewing content not to utilise his intellect to the fullest will be impressed by the ridiculous romance & twists that appear at odd intervals. The final three episodes are when the team shines, as they work together to craft stories that draw us in and get us invested.

The issue with Mismatched season 2 is the problem the show’s writers face on who to prioritise at what time. Amid the confusion, they merely superficially touch on a subject before moving on. It gives everything a very unfinished and occasionally borderline want-to-be-awake appearance. Why I am Speaking of weddings, this show’s theme is love, and its creators pass by countless possible romantic stories without giving them the consideration they deserve. Instead of focusing on his history, consider expanding the Siddharth and Zeenat angle. Therefore, it has no effect at all. Even though the three episodes above are excellent, they come after a strong half three episodes above wait, are long and aren’t well made up for.

Half-season that the show’s viewers are not as critical, and the producers have made accommodations for them. However, that doesn’t imply that no one evaluates a show that can be excellent. Mismatched season 2 is not without its shared future and needs more help sailing. Do have a watch and enjoy it!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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