A timid and insecure young fighter steps into the boxing ring with the national title on his mind, fueled by a deep-seated need to protect his mother and sibling from a turbulent home life. Can he overcome his doubts and fears through grueling training to claim the national championship and the life-changing prize money it offers?

The film, penned by Akash and inspired by true events, treads familiar ground without offering groundbreaking plot twists or exceptional writing. Despite grappling with pacing issues, it manages to hold its own, primarily due to its compelling storyline. Director Gaurav Rana and cinematographer Lucky Yadav collaborate seamlessly, much like the camaraderie among cadets at a military academy, echoing the unity displayed by the characters under Akash’s guidance.


“Main Ladega,” a gripping drama helmed by director Gaurav Rana, traces the path of a young individual thrust into the unforgiving complexities of life. While the trope of the underdog protagonist may not be groundbreaking, you’ll find yourself cheering for Akash Pratap Singh, portrayed by the equally named character.

By the film’s conclusion, the authenticity of the cast shines through, lending depth to their portrayals. Akash’s initial portrayal as a bundle of nerves, starkly contrasting the latent potential beneath his rough exterior, makes his transformation all the more remarkable.

Your heart goes out to the Class 11 student from a humble village, coercing his younger brother into reciting safety measures to shield themselves from their abusive father (played by Ashwath Bhatt) and to support their mother (Jyoti Gauba).

Whether capturing moments of domestic turmoil, Akash’s preparation, or the intensity within the boxing ring, Lucky demonstrates adeptness with his camera work. The soundtrack by Mukund Suryavanshi, Gibson George, and Akshay Menon further enhances the narrative.

Beyond Akash’s journey, the camaraderie among his hostel mates provides entertaining interludes. Ahan Nirban as Gaurav, Saurabh Pachauri as Sonu, and Divya Kharnare as the bookish Pradeep deliver commendable performances, injecting humor into the narrative.

Rating: 3/5

It’s important to mention Gurnam Singh (played by Gandharva Dewan), who serves as Akash’s mentor and a former boxing champion. However, Vallari Viraj’s portrayal of the romantic interest, Gauri, falls short, and the inclusion of a prolonged song sequence drags down the pacing towards the film’s conclusion.

The family, portrayed as victims of their circumstances, particularly resonates as the father grapples with his personal struggles. While this aspect adds depth to the narrative, it feels underexplored, leaving the story lacking in substance. Overall, the film earns a three out of five-star rating.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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