Directed by Shiva Nirvana’s visually striking Kushi movie combines romance, melodrama, and abundant amounts of humor. The main conflict in the movie is between faith and science, and it causes problems in the marriage of Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s characters.

The movie is available together with the complete movie, which is about long-distance relationships. Kushi is a love comedy directed by Shiva Nirvana of Majili fame. Along with Jayaram, Sachin Khedakar, Murali Sharma, Lakshmi, Ali, Rohini, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna, Srikanth Iyengar, and many others playing supporting roles, Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha are the primary performers in the film.


Practically, Kushi is a love, action, and drama film set in Kashmir. The endearing essences are paired with a romance drama that’s loaded with humor, catchy music, and a surplus of allusions to Mani Ratnam movies, including Vijay and Samantha. Underneath that amusing surface comes the ideological strife that has the potential to damage relationships. Shiva Nirvana uses a straightforward strategy to ascertain how love can confound differences. Some of the characters are morally one-dimensional, and the investigation of ideology only goes so far.

Shiva Nirvana, the author of the tale, script, and dialogue, is required to consider a nuanced picture of humans with all of their complexity, as is established in the opening segment. Atheist Lenin Sathya (Sachin Khadekar) displays posters of scientists and sayings like “In science, we trust” throughout his home. Chadarangam Srinivasa Rao (Murali Sharma), in difference, is well-known for his pravachanam and dedication to religion and customs.
The two engage in a loud television debate.

The main character, a man named Viplav, meets Ara “Begum” (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) while working at a phone exchange in Kashmir. When they fall in love and decide to get married, as one could anticipate, all hell breaks loose.
She makes every effort to misdirect him. The loving boy is not someone who quickly gives up. The lady eventually responds to his advances.
In defiance of their parents’ desires, Viplav and Aaradhya get married, but their wedding soon runs into unexpected problems.

The main plot of the story is how they sort them. The movie doesn’t deal with any fictional ideas; instead, it concentrates on the mundane problems that people have in relationships. In the second half, this was presented humorously. The battle is reasonably supported by engaging pictures and delightful music.

Ratings: 3.2/5

The main conflict in the movie is between faith and science, and it causes problems in the marriage of Vijay and Samantha’s characters. The movie gets 3.2 out of 5.

The music is enjoyable and romantic, and it helps in endearing protagonists. If the movie had given more thought and effort to the battle between science and faith, it might have been a standout as well.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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