The narrative centers around Mathew Devassy and Omana, a middle-aged couple residing in a picturesque town in Kerala. Their daughter, Femi, is a college student living in a hotel. Following the party’s directive, Mathew decides to run in a by-election. However, as the campaign unfolds, a surprising revelation shakes things up—Omana has initiated divorce proceedings.

In her divorce petition, Omana alleges that Mathew is a homosexual, exclusively attracted to individuals of the same gender. The remainder of the storyline delves into how Omana and Mathew navigate these unexpected circumstances.

The couple’s remarkable chemistry, highlighted in the narrative, is further enhanced by the musical prowess of Mathew’s Pulickan. Meanwhile, Shajie Naduvil’s art design receives acclaim for maintaining the tone and simplicity of the setting. Amal Chandran’s expertise in cosmetics and Sameera Saneesh’s proficiency in costume design significantly contribute to the overall enhancement of the presentation.

Kaathal – The Core stands as a spectacular showcase for Mammootty, showcasing excellence in both production and acting. The film skillfully captures the endearing love between Mathew and Omana, with Mammootty and Jyotika delivering outstanding performances that infuse warmth into their on-screen relationship. Jyotika, in particular, shines as a formidable performer in Kaathal, effectively conveying the intensity of the internal struggle without relying on heavily emotional scenes.

Now, with the revelation behind the divorce petition, the anticipation builds for how the movie will navigate this new development. Kudos to the entire team for fearlessly delving into the complexities of the relationship and avoiding the use of “polite” language.

Director Jeo Baby employs the background score judiciously, creating a positive heightening of tension by keeping everything low-key, including the drama, music, and emotions. Surprisingly, even in a moment involving Mathew and Omana at the end, where one might expect dramatic music, it’s their words alone that strike a chord. The scene is enriched by a background score that resonates with the emotions. Salu K. Thomas, the cinematographer, and Francies Louis, the editor, contribute to the film’s gentle ambiance. Furthermore, the supporting actors deliver a fantastic performance, adding depth to the overall narrative.

Rating: 4/5

In conclusion, Kaathal – The Core stands as a revolutionary film that deserves the attention of every viewer. Its subtle texture renders it both profoundly cinematic and authentically compelling. The movie effectively employs this theme to scrutinize the workings of society and the legal system, encompassing aspects such as family dynamics, the influence of the church, and the intricacies of politics. Considering these elements, the film has earned a well-deserved four out of five stars.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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