After spending six years in seclusion, a cold-blooded killer emerges when his daughter becomes a victim of a terrible mafia plot. Junior becomes furious after the tragedy and hunts for all the perpetrators to exact revenge on his daughter.

Given that Junior is his debut film as a director, we must praise Harman Dhillon for the fantastic job he did. The film’s main character, Amiek Virk, did an excellent job winning the audience with his action-packed antics. With captivating action sequences, a commanding presence, and a stern visage, he emerges as the film’s dazzling star.


This work of art is prepared to transport you into a world of cinematic enchantment under the direction of Harman Dhillon’s visionary genius and skillfully written by the talented Amiek Virk. The film promises to take you on an exciting journey with you glued to your seat and filled with anticipation from the first scene until the last frame fades to black.

Srishty Jain gave it her all and did his character justice. Her seamless transition to Punjabi and compelling portrayal of a mother driven by wrath to seek justice significantly contribute to the film’s popularity. The strong presence of Kabir Bedi enriches the image and successfully conveys his persona. His captivating portrayal of the antagonist, Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat, a.k.a. Bollywood’s Ghajini gives the movie momentum.

The roles of Yograj Singh, Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat, and Ajay Jethi are as follows. Three of these performers gave engaging performances, which helped to advance the film. With his strong voice and astute demeanor, Ajay Jethi, who plays a police officer, gives a lovely touch to the narrative.

Because of the incredible action choreography and the truly heart-stopping scenes, you will undoubtedly like it. Like the entire film, Junior’s dialogue is intended to be enjoyed. Unquestionably popular, the movie’s BGM.

Background music enhanced each situation and worked nicely with it. An unexpected plus for the film is the background music, which gives the experience of watching it in a theater a Hollywood-like atmosphere. Your heart rate will increase when a skilful deed is coupled with an affecting background score.

Ratings: 4/5

It is, nevertheless, a wonderful treat for anyone who enjoys action films and thrillers. Junior is a must-see movie packed with vigour, love, emotion, and action. The rating was four out of five stars due to these factors.
Amiek Virk, Kabir Singh, Srishti Jayin, and Kabir Bedi played the leading roles, and Harman Dhillon directed them. Producer Amiek Virk is behind it. It was made available on August 18, 2023. Subscribers to OTT services will soon have access to it.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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