In a whimsical turn of events, Maddie (portrayed by Lindsay Lohan) finds herself whisked away to her dearest friend’s wedding in the enchanting landscapes of Ireland. As she navigates this unexpected journey, Maddie questions whether this unfolding tale is a nightmare or the realization of a cherished fantasy. Embracing a narrative straight out of a classic fairytale, the film weaves a fanciful story brimming with charm.

While the romantic comedy leans heavily on familiar tropes, its airy demeanor offers a pleasant escape for those willing to surrender to its whimsy. Lindsay Lohan exudes her signature charm, radiating a youthful glow that belies the passage of time. As Maddie, she effortlessly embodies the quintessential girl next door, endearing herself to audiences despite the well-trodden path of the genre.

However, within Kirsten Hansen’s screenplay lies a lack of urgency and conviction, resulting in a narrative that meanders predictably. Despite its shortcomings, the film’s lighthearted tone and Lohan’s magnetic presence make it an enjoyable, albeit formulaic, cinematic experience.


In the bustling world of publishing, editor Maddie finds herself enamored with the works of acclaimed writer Paul Kennedy, portrayed by Alexander Vlahos. As she immerses herself in proofreading his bestselling novels, Maddie’s heart becomes entangled in a web of unspoken affection. However, before she can muster the courage to confess her feelings, her best friend Emma (played by Elizabeth Tan) announces her impending marriage in the breathtaking landscapes of Paul’s homeland, Ireland.

At its core, the narrative revolves around the frantic efforts of a middle-aged woman to engineer a chance at romance for her equally middle-aged friend. Amidst this orchestrated chaos, cinematographer Graham Robbins expertly captures the picturesque Irish village, immersing viewers in its serene beauty. The visual allure of the setting is undeniably captivating, beckoning audiences to immerse themselves in its splendor.

Accompanied by Nathan Lanier’s soothing background score, the film offers a sensory escape, albeit lacking a standout soundtrack to elevate its emotional resonance. Ed Speleers shines as James Thomas, Maddie’s photographer counterpart, exuding charm and charisma that effortlessly draws Maddie’s affections. Their on-screen chemistry is palpable, hinting at a blossoming romance waiting to unfold.

While Alexander Vlahos delivers a commendable performance as Paul Kennedy, the true star of the film remains Ireland itself. Despite the stunning sets and sweeping establishing shots, the film occasionally veers into the territory of a tourism advertisement, relying heavily on drone footage to showcase the nation’s beauty.

In sum, while “Irish Wish” offers moments of visual splendor and charming performances, it falls short of reaching its full potential. With a predictable storyline and a lack of standout musical accompaniment, the film earns a modest rating of 2/5

It’s peculiar that “Irish Wish” doesn’t employ the slick style often used by similar films to mask their thin plots; instead, it comes across as rather cheesy. The costume choices further add to this sense of disconnect.

Joining the ranks of countless forgettable romantic comedies on Netflix, “Irish Wish” provides fleeting entertainment. So, grab your popcorn and indulge in a brief moment of love and laughter with us. This film earns a modest two out of five stars.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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